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How You Can Protect Your Vehicles Spokes from Rain and Insect

A most not often talked about part in any vehicles is a spoke. A spoke is the linear metals connecting the centre part of a wheel to the circular outer region of a wheel. A wheel needs to have an appropriate number of spokes; otherwise, the wheel can collapse and cause a severe accident. 

It is important to know what can cause damage to the spokes of a vehicle so we can prevent any unwanted accidents and stay safe from any accidents. 

What happens when a vehicle is exposed to the sun?

It is not suitable for any vehicle to be left outside in the sun for too long. It would make the interior of the car very hot and also raise the temperature of the exterior outside, causing damages to the body as well. As the cover is made of mostly metal, the temperature would rise quickly there. It can cause more damage if it rains instantly to the surface of the car. It can take off the paints from your vehicle and make it look old and ragged. The spoke of your vehicle is also an exterior part of the car, which would be heated because of the sun. 

It can cause damage to the leather seat of your vehicle if it is kept outside the sun for a long time. The dashboard of your car would also face some injuries. The internal engine of your car could also be at risk. The engine needs to be kept cool, but if it is kept outside the sun, then it certainly is not suitable for the engine of the car. 

It can rain and insect damage the car spoke?

It can take ages for them to damage the car spoke but eventually with time they can cause some damage to the paints of the spoke of your vehicle. You might need to replace the wheel of the car as well. 

When the spoke is kept outside the sun, then the temperature rises on the metal which comprises the spoke of the vehicle. When it is exposed to rain immediately, it can cause damage to the durability of the car. If any insect is exposed to the car spoke, it could not cause much damage to the steel spokes but can cause it to rust which a car owner might overlook until it is too late. 

How can you protect the inner part of your vehicle from the sun?

The easiest way to do that would be to park your vehicle in the shade. If it is not possible, you can use a windshield and a sun protector to keep your car safe. It is a good idea to keep your vehicle free from any dust. The dust particles help in rising the temperature of the vehicle when it is held outside the sun and make people inside the car uncomfortable. 

It is a good idea to use seat covers when you have to park your car outside in the sun for a long time. 

How can you keep the outside of your vehicle protected?

The outside of the car can be kept protected when you first wash the car and then allow it to get dried often. This helps remove all the dust particles. You can add a layer of wax to your vehicle, which can keep the car safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The spokes of your car would also stay safe when you regularly clean your vehicle. 


The sun, the rain, and insects all have the potential to harm your vehicle spoke, and it is straightforward to prevent that from happening. You need to take care of your car actively, so it stays in proper condition. 

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