The Best Woods for Fabricating Carts and Wagons

Making Carts and Wagons can be very easy for you if you can select the right type of wood for making them. The most basic question that you would need to answer before making anything out of wood is what kind of wood you should select?

There are so many different kinds of woods that you can choose from. For making carts and wagons, you also get a variety of choices, and all of them have their pros and cons. It depends mostly on what your needs are really when it comes to making a choice. However, it is always better to do your research well so you can make an informed decision. We manage to get hold of Micheal from cabinet makers Newcastle who gave us some good tips about the subject.

White Oak

White Oak is a moderately available hardwood, and it is an excellent choice for making carts and wagons. White Okay is decay resistant and is very strong and durable, which makes it an excellent choice for making carts and wagons. It is also easy to work with, and it machines well. 

The colour and texture of white oak are also excellent. The shades can be light brown or dark brown, which can make your cart look more elegant. The price of White Oak is comparatively higher than other types of wood. 


Elm is another variety of hardwood, and there are more than 100 varieties of Elmwood. You can find it in the United States and parts of Europe. It is heavy, which makes it a good choice for carts and wagons. It has relatively low natural durability. After drying, you would experience low shrinkage. 

It is challenging to work with because it is hard and heavy. Special tools and machinery are required to work with Elm. The finishing on the surface is straight forward. Elm is easy to slice but is not so easy to split. 

Elm has different kinds of colouring since there are a lot of varieties to it. Yellowish-white is more commonly found, and the winner gets a darker shade. The hardness of Elm makes it the right choice for making wagons and carts, although it is a bit expensive. 


Douglas-Fir is a coniferous wood that initially was brought to the United States in 1828 from Scotland. It can be found in California, Alberta, North Mexico, and other surrounding regions. 

The colour of the sapwood is reddish-white, which is very different from the heartwood. The heartwood is generally dark brown to dark red colour. Even though it is a softwood, it is comparatively hard, which makes it the right choice for carts and wagons. 

It is straightforward to work with, has almost no shrinkage, and is very stable. It does not decay quickly and has a suitable defence mechanism against infestation. It is also very durable. It is used in the construction of houses and for making various parts of the balcony. 


Pine is very affordable, and it is also straightforward to work with. It is a softwood, but still, you can use it to make carts and wagons if you are under a low budget or you can’t find the other types of wood. 

It is moderately durable and has little shrinkage after drying. The colour of Pinewood can be from creamy white to yellowish, and some types of pine wood are not easy to stain. 


Depending on the budget, availability of the wood, and how durable you want the wagon and cart to be, you can make a decision. It is not a difficult decision to make once you have all the information. 

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